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New! A collection of Quicktime VR movies of the Canning Area. You can rotate these images through 360 and zoom in on any detail. (Requires Quicktime 4 - free download)
Click here to see Quicktime panorama (112kb)
Percy Street
Click here to see Quicktime panorama (377kb)
Mount Street
Click here to see Quicktime panorama (324kb)
Falkner Street
Click here to see Quicktime panorama (310kb)
Canning Street

Amazing 3D model! Well worth downloading the Metastream plug-in.
Another way you can take a stroll through the Canning area is with this 3d model .

Click the image to the left to view an interactive model of the streets of Canning. You can rotate, pan and zoom the buildings as though they were a model in your hands!
(Requires Metastream plug-in)

Click here to explore the panorama

This panorama, taken from the top of the Anglican Cathedral tower, shows most of the area. Admission to the tower is 1.50. The tower is 100 metres high, and the trip involves two lifts and lots of stairs - you will need to be reasonably fit!
Aerial view of Canning - Java enhanced. Use the link below for the standard version.
Here's an overhead view of the area taken on a lovely summer's day in 1997. Click on the image for a zoomable Java-enhanced version, or here for the static image. Please note both versions are rather large, and may take a couple of minutes to download.
Standard | Java