By my definition of the Canning area, there are five pubs within its boundaries. Unlike a lot of pubs in Liverpool and elsewhere, they're all still traditional pubs where you can get a good pint of beer. The city centre is very close, so if you're looking for over-priced bars where being seen is the most important thing, you can take a little stroll down the hill (and a taxi back).

Our pubs are populated by a fabulous variety of characters, each with a tale to tell. So let your guard down a little, and have some fun.

Pubs and beer are among the most controversial subjects for human discourse, so if you've got an opinion, why not leave a message on the guestbook. Or if you want to read more about Liverpool pubs, look at the Probe Records boozemap.

 Ye Cracke Ye Cracke


A very interesting pub - slightly outside Canning area proper, but spiritually very much a part of it. It predates many of the local buildings, and has been extended over the years. At one time it was called the Ruthin Castle, I've been told. The ale here is excellent and varied - several types of bitter, and regular guest beers. Customers range from members of the nearby Philharmonic orchestra (in full evening dress) to local wide boys and wheeler-dealers. John Lennon used to drink here (honest!) in his art student days. Has a nice garden for summer, which I am reliable informed has recently been opened again after a period of enforced closure.

Peter Kavanagh's is my favourite pub. Here you can chat away to anybody, and unlike a lot of pubs the conversation isn't likely to be about football or the weather. PKs regulars are like its decor - eclectic, impossible to put an age on, and quite possibly a complete fake. Kavanagh's is run fairly but firmly by Rita, with the assistance of Kava the enormous Weimarner.

Peter Kavanagh's

The Belvedere A correspondent tells me that the Bel closed recently - this is a real shame, a tragedy even. Any budding innkeepers out there fancy taking it on? The Belvedere is tucked away down Sugnall Street, a cul-de-sac off Falkner Street. I've had some good nights here. There's just two tiny rooms - one for standing, and one for sitting. The sitting down room has cast iron tables and red plush seating, and with the etched glass windows you could easily imagine this pub in Victorian times. There's a wide pavement outside with a couple of wooden tables. In the summer you can get an al fresco beer sitting at the tables outside.
Blackburne Arms

A handsome building on the corner of Catharine Street and Falkner Street. The Blackbum is very brightly lit yet somehow dingy at the same time. Since I was a lad, the internal walls have been removed to make one big room, so if there are only a few customers it can feel a bit too spacious. Most of the customers here are regulars, and once you've visited a couple of times, Pat or Jackie will start to pour your drink as soon as you walk through the door.

The Blackburne Arms
(Still no photo - sorry)


STOP PRESS!! - This neglected pub has had a makeover in the last few months after a fire. Our team of eager researchers will do their best to get a full report to you soon!