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Panoramic Views of Canning

The latest development on this site is the new 360° panoramic photos. You can spin around and zoom in on any detail. The first two movies show the corner of Percy Street and Huskisson Street, and the fantastic luggage sculpture at the top of Mount Street, Check again soon for more Canning panoramas.

QTVR movies require the Quicktime 4 player from Apple. If you haven't got this on your system, you should download it now. The files are large (100 - 300kb) but the short wait is well worth it.

New Cemetery Website

Local resident Mike Faulkner has come up with a cracking site about St James' Cemetery and its past as a stone quarry. He's put a lot of effort into his research - puts me to shame! Click on the headline to take a look.
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Canning Ghost story

This story appeared recently in a local newspaper. Entertaining, but has anyone else heard it? Do you know any other good stories about the area? I've just discovered the author's web site where you can read more about his fascinating work.
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More public debate

A new edition of the local newsletter CAAG RAG has come my way.
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BBC Transform Canning

There's been more filming in the area recently, as you can see in this photograph from the Liverpool Echo. Earlier in the summer, a crew from the BBC arrived to film the latest adaptation of Dickens' David Copperfield. Sand was spread across the tarmac, horses and carriages brought in, and daily life disrupted for the locals for three days. The finished programme was screened in the UK over Christmas, and doubtless by a station near you.
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New College looks good

The Arts CentreOn a landmark site at the end of Catharine Street, the long-awaited new building for City College was opened in March 1999 by Education Secretary David Blunkett.

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Monster Seen In Canning!

The new flats on the corner of Canning St / Catharine Street are finished now, and they're even uglier than feared.

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Local citizen(s) are outraged! Are you? Do you live here? Does anyone like Mosslake? Add your comments to the guestbook.
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When in Canning, visit Bellew's Tea and Coffee suppliers, on Hope Way, tucked away behind Hope Street. They import coffee from all over the world, and roast it on the premises. Even though they supply most of the restaurants and cafés in the city, staff are always happy to weigh out a pound or two for personal callers. It's a magical place, and you can't get fresher coffee. Try the Colombian Supremo! (Or the Peaberry...the Milano Java? Costa Rica?) Prices compare favourably with any pre-packed coffee, but you can't beat the experience of a visit to Bellew's.

I'm not making anything out of the plug, but I get my beans from here whenever I can.
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Map for Bellew's

Another genuine recommendation...

The Eureka, on Myrtle Parade, is a fantastic Greek restaurant. Excellent food, and bring-your-own wine. Very busy at weekends (and most other nights).

Once again, I'm not making anything out of this plug (so you know you can trust it).
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CAAG, the Canning Area Action Group, aims to represent the needs and views of all the people of the Canning Area.

There are some local stories from last year's newsletter 

CAAG (March 99 issue)

CAAG (February 99 issue)

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