Gambier Terrace
Gambier Terrace from the cathedral

A row of lovely four storey houses, serviced by it's own private carriageway. It's a magnificent spot, right on the brow of St James' Mount overlooking the cemetery. From Gambier Terrace it is possible to look out over the River Mersey and see the Wirral and North Wales.

Gambier Terrace is built in two distinct styles. The story goes that construction stopped when the money ran out at the halfway point, and what should have been a symmetrical composition was completed some years later with rather smaller yellow brick houses quite unlike the ones at the north end of the terrace.

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St James' Cemetery
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This classical view was sent to me by a local resident. It shows the Terrace half-built, as it must have appeared for many years (about fifty, I would guess).
The column in the foreground belongs to the Oratory, which today stands in the shadow of the cathedral.
Another wartime picture - Gambier Terrace and the end of Canning Street seen from the southern end of the cathedral. The northern end of the
Terrace during the Second
World War. If you click
on this picture to see an
enlarged version, notice
the sandbags piled up as
protection against bomb

If you live on Gambier Terrace, and have something to say about it - memories, opinions, pictures - mail me. I can put your contribution on this site.

"Brilliant web site. I was born in 8 Gambier Terrace nearly 45 years ago and it is lovely to see pictures of it."

Jane Alesbrook


"What a wonderful visit.I lived at 8 Gambier Terrace for the first five years of my life,from 1952.I distinctly remember a "huge" ornate and gilded mirror above the "drawing room" fireplace,and of course,the Cathedral bells.As you can see from my address I have moved away from the district! Thankyou for the opportunity to revisit some of my earliest memories. I shall return!!"

Paul Witherspoon