Catharine Street - the Ritz roller-skating rink, 1937.
1 Huskisson Street
St James' Cemetery and Hope Street
Falkner Street, 1960s?
Bedford Street South
St Brides Church, Percy Street
Catharine Street
Blackburne House
When houses were heated by coal, it was stored in the cellar. This is a cast-iron cellar trapdoor, or 'coal hole'
Aerial view of the Canning area, from the cathedral to Falkner Square
Gambier Terrace in 1942. Look at the sandbags piled against the wall.
88 - 98 Huskisson Street
Bedford Street South, 1968, between Sir Howard's way and Canning Street
Bedford Street South in 1968, showing the corner of Huskisson Street
57 Canning Street
This is a 19th century view across the cemetery, showing Gambier Terrace half built.
Peter Kavanagh's
Sunset over Falkner Street
Falkner Street. Blackburne House and cobbled street.