Falkner Square

A map of Falkner Square When Canning area was first laid out, the city square was a very fashionable concept. 

The trees are very mature now, and some of the houses are getting shabby. Although the garden was replanted a few years ago, it retains a forgotten air. Only in winter, when the plane trees are bare, can you stand near the gazebo in the centre and appreciate the diversity of the surrounding buildings. Despite their scale, the terraces fronting the square are curiously anonymous.

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The pair of photos below show the Huskisson side of the square. Fifty years have passed, but the most noticable difference is the lack of cars. Now, with wider car ownership and six or eight flats in houses this size, the top end of the street has been closed to traffic, allowing this stretch to be used as a car park

Some of the larger houses in the area had their own stables at the rear. A few of these survive, and have now been converted into homes.

Falkner Square, 1947

Falkner Square 1998

I've walked past these houses many times without noticing that an extra storey has been added!
Falkner Square 1978 Falkner Square, 1998