Falkner Street

Falkner Street is one of the older streets in the area, and has suffered some neglect over the years. By the 1960s, many of the houses had become so decrepit that they were demolished as slums. Past Bedford Street South, little of its original splendour remains.

Happily, the houses that remain are now well cared for and in good repair.

The Female Penitentiary and Orphanage shown here on the map were demolished in the 1920s to make way for the Liverpool Women's Hospital.

A brand new hospital was opened five years ago, and the building has now been given a new lease of life as student accommodation.

Falkner Street in the 1960s If it wasn't for the car in this picture, it could almost be a scene of Victorian squalor. It's hard for me to believe this was taken in my lifetime.
Where Falkner Street meets Hope Street, ghosts of the tramlines can be seen in the original granite cobbles. At this end, Falkner Street suddenly fans out to double its normal width. Here you'll find Number 7 - a tasteful cafe, serious contemporary art gallery, and a deli too.

The large building in this photo is Blackburne House, formerly the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls and now a Women's Centre.

Tramlines in Falkner Street - click to enlarge
See this view as a 360° panorama!

"Thanks for compiling this site - I lived for a while on Falkner Street, just across from the Women's Hospital, and browsing around these pages brought back lots of good memories of my time there."

Liz Slee