Bedford Street South

Part of Bedford Street in 1906

Bedford Street South has been changed more by the passage of time than most other streets in the area. Entire blocks have been demolished, to be replaced by landscaped areas and some modern housing.

The street originally continued through to Abercromby Square in the North, but in the 1960s Liverpool University expanded its campus and was allowed to build the Eleanor Rathbone building across it, splitting Bedford Street South from Bedford Street North.


165 Bedford Street South 165 Bedford Street South, looking particularly gorgeous. This house can be seen at the extreme left of the photograph below.
The street looking very dilapidated in 1968. Even over the past thirty years, a lot has changed. The house on the right is no more, and the one in the centre has undergone radical alterations.

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151 - 159 Bedford Street South in 1968. Click to compare with the 1999 view. One block further north, still 1968, but things are looking up. A housing association has renovated 151 - 157, and the rest of the block followed shortly afterward. Unfortunately, the houses on the other side of Sir Howard Street (at the left of this photo) were too far gone, and have been demolished.
Canning Street meets Bedford Street South at an acute angle; the house which forms the corner piece is cleverly done, curving graciously. Until recently, a giant buddleia grew from between the brickwork in the basement well. Thankfully, this has been chopped down so we can now admire the skilful facade. 57 Canning Street (pop-up link)

"Just found your page! I was brought up in 177 Bedford Street South from age 5 until age 24 (1950 - 1969). Looking at your photos has brought back many memories of my younger years playing in the streets around Bedford Street, Egerton Street, Huskisson Street and Parliaiment Street. I can visualise all my friends of those days! I went to St Saviours School in Canning Street from 5 - 13 years of age. I then went to Toxteth Technical School in Aigburth Road. Thanks for the memories!"

Jim Chen
Further along towards Myrtle Street, the former Women's Hospital has been transformed into student accomodation. It's great to see old buildings being given a new lease of life. You can see more of it on the Catharine Street page. These four houses here have been derelict for as long as I can remember, but at the moment they are being rebuilt as part of the scheme.